Love is in the air (and in the big bowl)…

The Colony CVB is here to help with one of the year’s hardest gift challenges…Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s coming soon but don’t panic. Everything you need is right here in town. See some suggestions we offered and check out our website for other options like dining, entertainment and spa services!

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
– Charles M. Schulz

A big bowl of delicious See’s Candies!

Thank you Mr. Schulz, we couldn’t agree more! And what better place to acquire some of the best chocolate on the planet but See’s Candies right here inside Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony! Lots of variety from light chocolate to dark, from nuts to caramels and sugar free as well. We filled our big bowl to show you the fabulous selection. Come “See” how you can bring a smile to someone special.


The latest and greatest for work and play!

Tech gadgets are always a welcome and special gift for both guys and gals. We have a few ideas for your consideration…



Spa treatment for his/her second love…


Guys like shiny things too…like a clean and shiny truck or car. How about giving your fellow a thoughtful and useful gift to keep his second love sparkling? We have businesses throughout town that would be happy to help you put a special car/truck lovers gift together.


Great gifts when accompanied by chocolates!

Got a great baker who deserves some new tools of the trade? How about a shiny red or pink Kitchenaid mixer or a red hot Viking oven? As long as you follow it up with some delicious See’s candies, how about a shiny red washer and dryer?
How about some fun accessories for the home, or for their phone? We found some great items to give you even more ideas.

It was sure fun doing some window shopping in The Colony. No need to leave town to find the perfect gift for all those you want to remember this Valentine’s Day! From sweets, to spa days, to fine dining, and fun and useful gifts – it’s all here.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! We love our readers!


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